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Press conference on the 2022 results


Appointment: Anne-Jacques de Dinechin becomes Chief Executive Officer of Verlingue


Verlingue acquires the insurance broker Cabinet DEPEYRE, specialist in complex business risks and the underwriting agency DEPEYRE SOLUTIONS


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We accompany our clients to understand and anticipate and anticipate their risks, in order to design and manage tailor-made solutions with them

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Press conference on the 2022 results
Anne-Jacques de Dinechin becomes Chief Executive Officer of Verlingue
Adelaïde Leaders Program goes international!
The Adelaide Group’s IT Department and Generation certified HDS
Verlingue acquires the Cabinet Depeyre, and the agency Depeyre Solutions
Verlingue: a new brand service promise and an acquisition in Portugal
Verlingue consolidates its European presence and its foothold in Portugal with the acquisition of RT Global Insurance
#PAROLEDEXPERT by Verlingue : les sinistres d’intensité
Insure your activities in logistics, maritime and transport
The aerospace industry, a sector with specific risks
Public establishments: an offer tailored to your purchasing procedures
Full cover for trade and distribution operations to insure all of your risks in France and abroad
Industrial players: learn about Verlingue’s expertise in risk management
As an expert in agri-food risks, Verlingue provides advice and guidance on protecting both your assets and your employees
Tailored insurance cover for professionals in the public works and construction industry
Insure your operations in the life sciences sector
Verlingue: health professionals’ ally for rekindling employee motivation
Real-estate professionals: opt for à la carte coverage
Learn about the alternative solutions for covering your risks
Directors’ liability and personal assets: tailored advice
Tailored civil liability cover to protect your company and its image
Cyber risks: a risk that should no longer be overlooked
Manage your transport risks
The best insurance contract for your entire vehicle fleet
A tailored plan to insure you for property damage and business interruption
Future-proof your company by playing an active role in risk prevention
Accidents at work and occupational diseases: Verlingue helps you curb your financial risk
As an international business, manage all your risks and optimise your insurance programmes
Employee mobility in France and abroad: opt for peace of mind!
How to use a Retirement Savings strategy to retain your employees and boost your employer appeal
Collective personal protection, a major asset for the company
Supplementary health insurance: turning an obligation into a real opportunity
Digital Factory teams: Learning Expedition on the theme of agile
Verlingue partner of the 11th edition of the DFCG Trophies
Verlingue at the 2022 Objectif Mieux Vivre en Entreprise Congress
Verlingue at the Solumed Club Santé conference in Aix-Marseille
Preventing and managing absenteeism: a major challenge for companies
The Adelaïde Group is present on Instagram!
As a partner, Verlingue was present at the Academy of Entrepreneurs
Partnership: the third edition of the Master Club du Cercle Lab
Back in pictures on the RENT show from 08 to 09 November in Paris
Verlingue continues its partnership with the Cercle LAB
The 67th WBN World Conference
Verlingue has launched its first Real Estate Innovation Committee
Olivier Le Gall, CIO Adelaïde Group: “Cyber attack happened near you”
Laurence Abiven was live on the LinkedIn event of the media Vovoxx
The 2022 National Entrepreneur of the Year Award Ceremony
Verlingue Infos Immobilier – October 2022
Look back: the EY Southeast Entrepreneur of the Year Award ceremony
Look back: the EY Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes of the Award ceremony
The return to HR of companies!
A look back at EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the West Award
Interview with Frédéric Chaplain in the Journal des Entreprises
Verlingue Running club across Europe: first edition in Porto
Verlingue was present at the Master Club 2022
A Verlingue “Business International” seminar took place in Paris
Listen to Olivier Le Gall in the AirSaas CIO Revolution podcast
The 1st EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022
Verlingue, partner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022
#EXPERTS’ VOICE AROUND EUROPE by Mathieu Berrurier, CEO of Eyssautier
Changes / Appointments: Verlingue is expanding its international teams
Back to school means a sales seminar
Verlingue committed to the Breton economic landscape
Verlingue at the Breton Economic Forum 2022
Verlingue present at the Master Club 2022
Verlingue shares video insights into the insurance sector
Benjamin Verlingue co-signs an opinion piece on French SMEs
Easy@ccess Social Protection, the tool of company benefit programs
Some key facts about cyber risk
Verlingue organises a webinar on absenteeism in companies
#PAROLEDEXPERT by Verlingue: Overview of the cyber insurance market
ISD teams celebrate final go-live on Easy@PS redesign project
Testimony of Mathieu Berrurier in Paris Match
Verlingue is a partner of the West Web Festival
Verlingue UK: Winners of Commercial Insurance Broker of the Year
Jacques Verlingue at the microphone of Confidences de dirigeants
Back in pictures on ParisMAT, the meeting place for transport insurance
Verlingue a co-organisé un évènement sur les risques liés au changement climatique avec la BpiFrance PACA
Opening of the INSIDE IARD Congress by Gilles Bénéplanc
#PAROLEDEXPERT by Verlingue: the absenteeism rate
#PAROLEDEXPERT by Verlingue: The Victims’ Guarantee Fund
Verlingue publishes its 1st Absenteeism Barometer
June 22: conference “Matinale Risques d’entreprise” was held in Lyon
Verlingue Immobilier at the Day of Trade Union Councils 2022
IT Security, the new focus of attention
Adelaide Leaders Program in immersion at the Viva Technology event
Chalair Aviation: operation seduction of economic actors in Finistère
LUCY : découvrez la 2ème édition de l’étude de l’AMRAE
The directors of the international IT teams meet
Transmission Adelaïde Group: Interview Jacques and Benjamin Verlingue
Verlingue and Inquest to offer a cyber risk prevention service
Verlingue present at the 2022 Congress of the Company of the Future
Monitoring and prevention: key words in the fight against absenteeism
The 1,200 Verlingue employees gathered for the Management Tour 2022
Les sept vertus de l’entreprise responsable
Verlingue at the Forum Alternance of Paris Dauphine-PSL University
Verlingue at the Euro Supply Chain exhibition 2022
Verlingue welcomes HR experts to its Beaune campus on June 2nd
Interview croisée dans dossier spécial de l’Opinion sur la RSE
L’Opinion special issue on CSR: round-up
Verlingue Immobilier à la Convention nationale de Propriétés-privées
The Risk Management Day Verlingue 2022
Read Christophe Hartmann’s testimony on absenteeism in the Opinion
Verlingue present at the first Onepoint Hackathon
Retour sur le Gala des Responsables de la Flotte Automobile et de la Mobilité
Retrouvez le témoignage de Laurence Abiven dans AEF INFO
Nomination de Benjamin Verlingue au Conseil d’Administration de WBN
Intervention of Jean-Marc Esvant on La Tribune de l’assurance
Easy@ccess Protection Sociale évolue !
A look back at the morning session dedicated to road risk reduction
Experts’ voice around Europe by Verlingue : Food & Beverage
Le Club ETI Bretagne a été lancé !
Russia-Ukraine conflict: Verlingue stands by its clients
Mathieu Berrurier in the Finance & Marchés section of Les Echos
Une délégation européenne de Verlingue au challenge du CIAB
Verlingue publishes its professional equality index
Appointment: Verlingue consolidates its property and casualty department
Appointment: Caroline Laigneau joins Verlingue as Customer Services Director
The Verlingue approach

Being at your side to design and implement your insurance programmes

Advice, negotiation, management

Our integrated approach is structured and progressive, allowing you to benefit from insurance programmes that are tailored to your activities and needs, optimised financially, managed by a dedicated team, and monitored over the long term to give you visibility on all your contracts.

Our 4 commitments

Our teams offer you a clear approach to designing and implementing your insurance programmes.

We are mobilized around 4 concrete commitments:
• Understanding your issues to secure your risks.
• Defending your interests on an ongoing basis.
• Informing you and support you in your decision-making.
• Facilitating the daily work of your teams.

Our ambition is to make enterprise risk management and the protection of employees a lever for creating value and overall performance for our clients.

Careers & Pathways

Join us!

“Verlingue, with its 90 years of experience, remains a young, dynamic and innovative company! One of its objectives is to maintain this modernity in order to design the future, and who better than our young employees to embody it? They bring their fresh perspectives, their commitments, their desires and their motivations to the company, both in the short and long term!”

Bernard de Laportalière

Director of Human Resources