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Verlingue Connect: simplifying insurance for SMEs and companies

To protect your business, Verlingue has designed an inclusive, transparent offering called Verlingue Connect. With this simple, complete product, you’ll be able to take out the essential insurance cover for your business on a pick-and-choose basis, with guidance and advice from experts.

Frequent regulatory changes in the field of employee benefits, together with the emergence of new cyber and other risks, the complexity of insurance policies, difficulties cancelling a contract or handling claims mean that managing insurance for SMEs and companies increasingly requires solid ex-pertise that may prove overly time-consuming for most top executives or senior managers in HR or finance. With Verlingue Connect, we provide the guidance and support you need to take out the most suitable cover to protect your human capital and operations, either of which could jeopardise your company.

Verlingue accompanies you


A full range of insurance solutions to cover all of your risks

Verlingue Connect gives you access to insurance companies’ prime solutions at competitive rates we have negotiated for you. Whatever your company’s business, we have you covered for:
– property damage;
– civil liability;
– vehicle fleet and personal business use;
– healthcare expenses, life insurance;
– senior management liability;
– employee savings and retirement insurance;
– machine breakdowns;
– cyber risks;
– legal protection;
– civil liability for environmental damage;
– etc


Expertise and independence

These solutions, which are designed for SMEs and companies, are grounded on our very fine-grained understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations. As an independent third party, we act as an intermediary between you and the insurance companies to help you obtain the most appropriate solutions.


A single entry point for no-fuss peace of mind

Choose Verlingue Connect to enjoy the simplicity of having a single partner guide you as you manage all of your risks from beginning to end. Your Customer Service Representative, backed by our technical teams, is your designated contact person. As a preliminary, they work with you to audit your company’s operations and existing contracts, assess your requirements, recommend new contracts and help you cancel your old contracts. Then they coordinate the technical relationship and claims handling to protect your interests.


Digital tools that make life easier

With Verlingue Connect, you’ll have access to Easy@ccess Employee Benefits and Easy@ccess Auto-mobile. These two digital solutions will save you time by enabling you to manage your day-to-day healthcare/life insurance contracts (sick leave, registration of new employees, etc.) and automobile contracts (issue vehicle registration papers, manage vehicles and claims, etc.) on your own.

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Protect your company from cyberattacks

Cyberattacks may steal data, paralyse the information system, demand a ransom or launch a virus attack, for example. The impact of cyberattacks can run into hundreds of millions of euros per year for companies and compromise their business and even their survival. To cover these risks, which mainly strike SMEs – nearly one out of every two SMEs were hacked in 2020 – Verlingue offers full support packages including expert services and dedicated insurance to protect your com-pany from damage by hackers and facilitate crisis management.

Cyber risks: The voice of an expert

Watch #PAROLEDEXPERT by Verlingue on the theme of cyber risk prevention with Alexis Nardone, Inquest’s Managing Director and Frédéric Chaplain, Executive P&C Director at Verlingue.


Meet our expert

Mathieu Montassier

Director of Verlingue Connect – 2021

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