Barometer of Risk managers: Verlingue acclaimed!

2 February 2023

According to the ‘2022 Satisfaction Risk Managers – Grand Courtage IARD1 Barometer, Verlingue is one of the  most attractive brokers to Risk Managers and ranks 2nd according to 30 criteria. This report was  unveiled by Golder & Partners at the 30th AMRAE meetings in Deauville on  Thursday 2nd  February.

Achieving second place reinforces the Verlingue approach and model.

This survey, conducted every two years, aims to question corporate risk managers about their expectations of brokers. It rewards Verlingue’s approach by awarding it the second best overall satisfaction rating: 7.84/10. Verlingue even topped the list of all brokers interviewed on sixteen of the twenty-six criteria selected (including technical criteria (understanding of the activity/coverage needs) and relational criteria (availability of interlocutors, assistance in the event of a claim).

Risk Managers’ responses reflect an evolution in their expectations and highlight new priorities. Verlingue is particularly solicited for its understanding of the activity of companies and restitution to insurers, for its quality of advice and international claims management. This last aspect is now a clear choice criterion in favour of Verlingue.

This ranking rewards Verlingue and its teams for their presence, responsiveness and expertise, but also for their international positioning. This is a dimension on which Verlingue will continue to insist and invest in order to obtain ever greater satisfaction and recognition from its customers. ” says Benjamin Verlingue, Director of Verlingue’s international subsidiaries and Deputy Chief Development Officer of the Adelaïde Group.


Verlingue’s support, its ability to be available, to understand and structure the need for coverage are also among the aspects highlighted by Risk managers. More generally, it is Verlingue’s personalized approach, proximity and model itself.

“This result is also proof of the relevance of the independent, family and European model implemented by Verlingue to meet the needs of companies. It is this model that allows Verlingue to provide tailor-made solutions to each of its customers and that must be grown” summarizes Gilles Bénéplanc, CEO of Verlingue

Verlingue’s corporate project, which relies on trust and values shared by all employees, is reinforced by its results. All of Verlingue’s resources and skills can be mobilised to serve a client or a project. This barometer reveals the commitment, professionalism and integrity that differentiate Verlingue in the market. With humility and high standards, Verlingue will therefore continue to seek to progress and innovate in the service of its customers.

Key figures on the evolution of risk managers’ expectations

  • The main expectation of risk managers is the ability to mobilise property and casualty specialists (it was only in tenth position in 2020).
  • Two identical expectations remain in the top six between 2020 and 2022: technicality remains paramount (specialists in property and casualty, business understanding, VA of analytical feedback) as well as responsiveness.
  • Remuneration is gaining momentum and is in third place in a context of rising insurance prices (it was only the 19th criterion in 2020).

95% of risk managers prefer to work with brokerage rather than directly with insurers, a trend that is growing (93% in 2020).

2 – Two expectations remain to be better met: the capacity for innovation and adaptation to the needs of the company and management deadlines. Two “weaknesses” already observed in 2020. The desire to adjust guarantees, already observed in 2020, is continuing or even growing, but interest in Cyber and emerging risks remains.


1 Quantitative telephone survey of 185 Risk Managers from the main companies established in France (French or international). Each manager evaluated two brokers from the benchmark with whom he worked regularly (33% of cases: 1 alone). Qualitative survey of 10 Risk Managers. A total of 195 Risk Managers surveyed


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