Loan insurance

Loan insurance professionals: make the choice to delegate management

You are a bank, a bank insurer, an insurance company, a reinsurance company or a retailer of loan insurance: Verlingue supports you by managing applications, contract production and claims under loan insurance contracts on your behalf.

40 years
of expertise in loan insurance
1,5 million
policyholders under management
1.5 million of policyholders under management

Specialised for nearly 40 years in management and consulting dedicated to loan insurance, Verlingue advises and manages applications for loan insurance, contract production and claims management on behalf of its partners. Our management platform includes a medical selection unit under the responsibility of several consultant doctors. It also includes a unit dedicated to protecting the portfolio of financial bodies against terminations.

Multi-product manager, designer and broker consultant

As a broker, Verlingue supports insurers and insurance distributors in their loan insurance projects:

  • Real estate or consumer loan insurance
  • Loan insurance for individuals and professionals
  • Programme transfers (ongoing or run-off)
  • Collective and individual programmes
  • Provision of bespoke or model form insurance offers
  • Support and consulting for the implementation of loan insurance projects: customer pathway, distribution, management, portfolio protection, compliance.
Bespoke tools to support you with project management

Our project teams (business line, partnership, technical and legal) support you with the implementation of your proprietary management programmes.
To simplify your monitoring processes and relations with your customers, we provide you with bespoke tools (estimates generator, applications-subscriptions, medical e-selection, customer monitoring, etc.), as well as a claims area.

A process dedicated to banks for the defence of the loan insurance portfolio
  • The Verlingue teams defend the portfolio of its banking partners by analysing each request for cancellation individually.
  • The competitor product is analysed from the point of view of equivalence criteria, established by the bank on the basis of criteria set by France’s CCSF (financial sector consultative committee). If the competitor contract is not compliant, Verlingue produces on behalf of the bank a letter rejecting the competitor contract addressed to the policyholder.
  • Verlingue offers an on-line solution integrating in-person support for the partner banking network.

Meet our expert

Guillaume Izarn

Director of Loan Insurance

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