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Verlingue Corporate Solutions, a full range of services dedicated to large companies

Verlingue Corporate Solutions assists large groups and companies seeking to implement the best insurance programs to obtain coverage for their business and protect their employees.

Depending on the market, locations, size (>2,000 employees, >5,000, etc.) and extent of the business activity, the needs of large groups and companies can be highly complex. At Verlingue Corporate Solution, we fully understand the risks you face. Our expertise, experience and partner network ensure you will have customised assistance closely adapted to your coverage needs, both in France and abroad.

Verlingue accompanies you


A complete range of insurance solutions

With an offer designed for large groups and companies, Verlingue Corporate Solutions designs and implements large-scale insurance programs to cover your entire business and all of your employees, at all of your sites, both in France and abroad. Starting from a detailed audit of your business and risks, our teams then propose and negotiate customised solutions at the best rates, adapted to your market and size.


… adapted to the size of your group or company

Legal protection in every country you operate in, large-scale risk prevention and management, coverage for property damage in different segments and markets and for breakdowns at all your sites, specific services for large vehicle fleets, insurer pooling, etc.; in every area of insurance, our expertise rises to the challenges that you are faced with.

Our ability to negotiate on the market, our experience and independence ensure you will have effective solutions that are perfectly adapted to your company’s size.


A customised social protection and insurance strategy

As a large company, your needs are different. We design customised social protection programs for you that will protect your employees and their families around the world, such as establishing dedicated social funds for companies with more than 2,000 employees. We also provide your regional and central management with assistance when it comes to managing your contracts, either through consultation or directly. And because you have specific needs, Verlingue Corporate Solutions consultants are ready to design solutions custom-made for you: affiliation exemption management, personalised social communication with documents using your corporate identity, a payroll system interfaced with your internal tools, etc.

The strength of the WBN network

To assist you abroad, we have been a part of the WBN (Worldwide Broker Net-work), the world’s leading network of independent brokers. Founded in 1989, WBN has a presence in 110 countries. We demand the same high levels of service quality and client satisfaction as the WBN brokers. The size and dynamism of our network means we can act as your sole representative with the world’s major insurers.


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