A full range of insurance solutions and services to protect your business

Risk prevention, choosing and negotiating the best insurance contracts, managing claims and more… As a specialist in protecting businesses through effective insurance solutions, we provide you with long-term support to implement simple, tailored solutions to manage every type of risk that could undermine your company’s activity or slow down the development of your projects.

Regulatory pressure, climate change, societal responsibilities, health or geopolitical crises, digitisation of exchanges, etc. The environment in which companies operate is subject to increasingly diverse and complex risks. In addition to the usual property and casualty risks (fires, machine breakdowns, road accidents, theft, etc.), businesses face new emerging threats, such as cybercrime, sudden breakdown in the supply chain due to a pandemic or conflict, or accidental pollution that can damage a company’s reputation in a matter of days. In this more complex, risk-filled world, Verlingue enables you to protect your company more effectively, in France and abroad, regardless of the company’s size or activity.

Our solutions

Risk prevention and management​
Our Prevention Department was set up in 2009 to leverage our multidisciplinary engineers’ expertise and experience in risk-management. Today it gives you the guidance and support you need to more effectively protect your company from risks that could jeopardise your business continuity, and allow you to optimise your insurance programme.
Property damage and business interruption
Verlingue advises, negotiates and manages the Property Damage and Lost Business insurance programmes of hundreds of companies in all sectors in France and abroad. Our experts give you support and advice about protecting your assets and your earnings from the consequences of claims that could jeopardise your business.
Vehicle fleets and new mobility
Thanks to the expertise of its specialist teams, Verlingue provides you with advice and support concerning every aspect of your fleet’s insurance, from choosing the right contract in relation to your needs and managing claims to developing accident prevention plans designed to reduce your employees’ risks on the road.
Whether you are an industrial company that needs to insure its flow of goods, a trading company, a carrier or logistics service provider, Verlingue and its team of sector-specific experts can help you manage all your transport-related risks. We help you protect your goods and your business, in France and abroad.
Cyber risks
From family companies with a staff of 50 through to multinationals, Verlingue – a pioneer in cyber risk – helps all companies protect themselves from attacks by computer hackers, or cope with “e-claims”, the impacts and costs of which are all but virtual.
The increasingly diverse risks to which businesses – from SMEs to multinationals and in all industry sectors – are exposed may render them liable in the event of damage to third parties. To protect your company and its employees and managers, both financially and in terms of image and reputation, Verlingue provides tailored support and guidance.
Executive and financial risk
Companies and their corporate officers are bound by an increasingly tight regulatory framework: employment law, environmental regulations, anti-bribery and corruption, data privacy, health and safety, etc. On this basis, you may be faced with new and ever more sophisticated forms of malicious intent, particularly if you operate internationally. Our experts support you and your company with the establishment, management and optimisation of your corporate officers’ liability, fraud and EPL insurance contracts.
Alternative solutions
Verlingue has developed unique expertise to meet your need to finance risks that are either insufficiently covered or not covered at all by the traditional market, and to optimise the purchase of insurance. This includes the choice and adjustment of deductibles and retention, parametric insurance policies to cover the risks associated with climate change, the establishment of your own reinsurance company, etc.
Verlingue supports your company’s international development. Supported by a specific team of experts in our subsidiaries in the UK, Switzerland and Portugal, as well as by the international network of WBN brokers, we help you build and optimise your international insurance programme.

Verlingue accompanies you


Verlingue, the “all-risks” broker

Vehicle fleets, property damage and lost business, corporate liability, transportation, directors’ and directors’ liability, financial risks, cyber risks, fraud, data breaches, etc. Drawing on the expertise of our specialists, your designated Verlingue contact person can provide you with personalised solutions that cover every type of risk linked to your business activity. A tailor-made approach that starts with a risk analysis and mapping to help you make effective and relevant choices in terms of insurance.


Obtain better insurance solutions through proactive risk prevention

Prevention first! Even before proposing insurance solutions, we help you consolidate your risk prevention and asset protection policies. Equipment, employee training, procedures, etc. We help you to avoid accidents or reduce their impact. This is a win-win strategy, since you will have an easier time convincing insurers (who are increasingly tightening their eligibility criteria) to insure your company and you will also reduce your premiums.


Facilitate and optimise your access to the market

Our leading position in the business-insurance brokerage market enables us to negotiate the best conditions with insurers, so that you benefit from competitive rates and optimum coverage. Working closely with your company’s teams in charge of your insurance programmes (risk manager, financial department, etc.), we take care of the underwriting, managing and monitoring all your contracts over time. We also provide you with alternative solutions to insurance for your specific needs, as well as digital tools that simplify and streamline the management of your contracts.


Local support in the event of a claim

When a claim needs to be made, we accompany you every step of the way. Your dedicated consultant and our teams specialised in claims management provide you with hands-on advice and intervene to reduce the impact of the incident on your company’s life as much as possible: declaration, exchanges and negotiations with the insurer and all the parties involved, follow-up of the claim, rapid activation of guarantees, legal support, putting a crisis unit in place, and more.


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