Verlingue publishes the 4th edition of its Absenteeism Barometer


The 4th edition of Verlingue’s Absenteeism Barometer has just been published, featuring an in-depth analysis of absenteeism and its components. This edition focuses particularly on two subjects: manager absenteeism and young people’s return to work. By exploring these aspects, our aim is to improve our understanding of these dynamics within the company, and to find effective strategies for dealing with them.

“Our Barometer shows that the absenteeism rate fell by 16% in the first half of 2023, the first time this has happened in 4 years. However, this average masks more worrying data, such as the longer absence rates among young people and managers. Our findings and 12-month forecasts mean that we need to remain vigilant and rethink our prevention and return-to-work programs for our employees.” Jean-Marc Esvant, Executive Vice-President, Verlingue


Highlights of this barometer:

  • The rate of absenteeism (5.7%) finally fell (-16%) compared to the first half of 2022 (6.8%) for all sectors and throughout the country.
  • The severity of stoppages is increasing (19.2 days on average (+20%)), and the level of absenteeism remains above that of 2019, before Covid (+16%).