Life sciences

Insure your operations in the life sciences sector

Specific needs require specific expertise! In order to ensure the financial security of your life-sciences company or your research development activities, Verlingue and BiomedicInsure, our department dedicated exclusively to the Life Sciences sector, enable you to manage your risks from A to Z. We provide you with a full range of insurance solutions.

Due to the nature of their activity, professionals working in the field of life sciences face many challenges. Being involved in a particularly innovative market, they have to invest heavily in R&D and constantly adapt to the latest technological developments (new molecules and therapies, connected medical devices, artificial intelligence, etc.). In addition, they must navigate through an increasingly demanding environment: increased regulatory constraints in France and internationally, heightened monitoring by health agencies, specific expectations of certain ethics committees, a rise in the number of court cases and increased compensation for victims (particularly in the USA), etc. These various issues represent challenges and constraints that require specific, tailor-made, risk management solutions.

Specific, high-level expertise the life sciences environment

  • Verlingue BiomedicInsure can provide you with insurance coverage around the world, while taking into account specific local characteristics, across every branch of insurance, and notably in the field of professional civil liability and insurance for research programmes and clinical trials.
  • Life Science Practice Leaders are at your disposal (and at the disposal of your subsidiaries) within our WBN network: Europe, Asia, North America.
  • We monitor regulatory developments in the sector as well as alerts issued by the ANSM.
  • Drawing on the expertise of our medical specialist who carries out analyses of research protocols and “Life Sciences” liability risks (molecules/medical devices), we can optimise coverage with insurers.
  • Our team specialised in the management of complex claims works alongside you to defend your interests.
Property and Casualty

Comprehensive support to cover all your risks

  • Approved by insurers, the Verlingue BiomedicInsure Life Sciences civil liability contract provides extensive coverage that meets the specific needs of the sector.
  • We assist you in analysing and/or reviewing your contractual commitments.
  • We provide you with solutions and coverage in every branch of insurance: Civil liability, product contamination, financial lines (cyber, D&O liability, fraud), environmental risks, transportation, property damage, etc.
  • Our Risk Prevention Department provides tailor-made support to analyse your specific risks.

Insurance for research sponsors

  • BiomedicInsure has been present in the market since 1990 and was a pioneer in developing insurance for sponsors of clinical trials / research / investigations.
  • Delegated underwriting and framework agreements negotiated by Verlingue BiomedicInsure with insurers allow you to benefit from simple underwriting procedures and competitive rates.
  • We are commited to meeting all requests in a timely and thorough manner. Because we are highly responsive, we can issue your certificates quickly.
  • 2,000 contracts established in nearly 130 countries each year.

Verlingue and BiomedicInsure accompanies you in managing your risks and provides you with a full range of insurance solutions.


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Head of Professional Liability Insurance

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