A new brand service promise and an acquisition in Portugal

9 December 2022
  • Adelaïde Group subsidiary and corporate protection specialist Verlingue is overhauling its visual identity and embracing a brand service promise to buoy its European ambitions.
  • In addition, Verlingue is acquiring a new independent, family-owned Portuguese insurance broker, RT Global Insurance.

A new identity rolled out simultaneously in France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Portugal to uphold its ambitions of becoming a leading independent insurance broker on a European scale

Spurred on by plans to deepen its European foothold, Verlingue is making changes to its brand platform to accentuate its uniqueness and uphold its new tagline: “Protecting today. Imagining tomorrow”.

Through this new identity, the broker hopes to shine a light on both its model’s stability and ambitions. In an ever-changing world where new and emerging risks are multiplying, Verlingue embraces forward-looking risk management, helping clients manage any potential constraints on their activities, drive growth and improve overall performance.

“Our work is useful and it has a future: in an increasingly unstable world, managing risk is key to maintaining economic and social stability and growth. It allows us to expect the unexpected, to innovate, and to support investment and entrepreneurship as closely as possible. This vision is what enables us to look ahead, acting as a trusted partner whatever the circumstances,” explains Gilles Bénéplanc, CEO of the Adelaïde Group and Verlingue.

Verlingue continues expanding across Europe with a new acquisition in Portugal

Two years to the day after acquiring Luso Atlantica, the Adelaïde Group subsidiary has bought RT Global Insurance, a company that was founded in 2005 and specializes in P&C, and is set to generate growth of 15% for Verlingue Portugal.

This new investment reflects Verlingue’s commitment to its European strategy and may be complemented by further acquisitions depending on market opportunities.

“Verlingue has a powerful, sustainable and profitable growth strategy in place. In a consolidating business sector, being a family-owned broker with an ambitious and long-term vision allows us to map out great plans for the teams that decide to join our adventure. I’m delighted that RT has opted to jump on board,” says Benjamin Verlingue, Verlingue’s Director of International Subsidiaries and Deputy CEO for Development for the Adelaïde Group.

Drawing on identity, values and unique expertise in becoming one of Europe’s leading independent insurance brokers

At the dawn of its 90th anniversary, Verlingue is continuing to take a long-term approach in becoming a major European, family-owned, independent insurance broker, committed to its clients over the long term and there for them every step of the way with the most effective and bespoke solutions that will enable them to grow and move forward with confidence.

This expansion will ensure Verlingue remains more relevant than ever for its clients and continues to attract the new talent and expertise it needs to raise its profile as a leading name in providing professionalism and customer service.

Ever faithful to the Impact 24 strategic plan, the Adelaïde Group is confirming its ambitions to hit sales of €400M to €500M through profitable organic growth on one hand, and strategic European acquisitions focused on industrial interest on the other.

“We’re an independent, family-owned company and we want to keep it that way, safeguarding our identity and know-how while expanding across France and abroad, being ambitious while offering an alternative compared to more global or finance-led names. We’ve now reached a milestone that aligns with our plans of building up a leading insurance brokerage group on a European scale,” notes Jacques Verlingue, Chairman of the Adelaïde Group.

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