Values and mindset

Our values and commitments

Verlingue’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy is at the heart of our Verlingue 2024 strategy and provides meaning to our business.

In a demanding economic, regulatory and competitive environment, we want to leave a positive mark on our environment and make concrete commitments in our global management to our employees, customers and partners.

We believe in the strength of independence.
These commitments are implemented at the highest level of the group and are reflected in our values. Being a management and family-owned company allows us to work freely and in the best interest of our customers, always striving to be ambitious and demanding whilst keeping to our schedule.

We believe that entrepreneurship is an asset for seizing opportunities in a changing world.
The commitment to serve our customers is a pillar of our project and our organisation.

We seek to be a high-performance group that cares about people and gives everyone the means to flourish and develop professionally.
We want our employees to be enthusiastic, enjoy themselves and find their work rewarding. We encourage empathy, simplicity and initiative. We appreciate the clarity of the relationship and the straightforwardness.

Our vision

An ESG policy supported by our values

“Addressing societal issues and economic, social, environmental and governance expectations is fully in line with Verlingue’s 2024 strategic plan. This ESG policy is strongly supported by our values, which are based on independence, entrepreneurship, commitment to serving our customers, respect and personal development.”

Gilles Bénéplanc


We make concrete commitments

Carried at the highest level of the group, these commitments carry us forward on a daily basis and are embodied in our values.

“In an increasingly unstable world, risk management contributes to economic and social progress.”
Benjamin Verlingue, Director of International Subsidiaries