Transmission Adelaïde Group: Interview Jacques and Benjamin Verlingue

15 June 2022

Jacques Verlingue, Chairman of the Adelaide Group, and Benjamin Verlingue, Managing Director of the Adelaide Group, were interviewed by the Argus de l’Assurance on the subject of the transfer of brokerage firms and particularly on the intra-family transfer.

This subject is part of the evolution of the Adelaide Group, which has the ambition “to become a major insurance brokerage group of European dimension, family-owned and independent.”

Indeed, from 2024, the 4th generation will take over the leadership of the group with Benjamin Verlingue, currently Managing Director for Development. He will take over from his father Jacques Verlingue as Chairman.

In the Argus de l’Assurance article, Jacques and Benjamin talk about the transfer of the group, the responsibilities it entails, the path to get there and the question of legitimacy.