Construction and public works

Tailored insurance cover for professionals in the public works and construction industry

Construction stakeholders should be aware that their industry is in the grip of multiple tensions. Verlingue is an expert in covering the risks your business faces, and negotiates the insurance programmes best suited to your requirements and your risks to protect your teams, your investments and your responsibilities.

The public works and construction industry is undergoing far-reaching changes today, sparked by mounting raw materials and energy costs (the FFB index rose nearly 8% in a year), labour and materials shortages, lengthening supply lead times, and new environmental norms that imply the use of new techniques. We at Verlingue are well acquainted with the professions of developer and builder, and the risks incurred in exercising your trade or profession. We are at your side to advise you, prevent the risks, monitor your regulatory obligations on an ongoing basis and protect your investments and your company’s interests.

Verlingue accompanies you


Understand your risks in order to more effectively prevent and cover them

Verlingue draws on its experience and knowledge of the public works and construction industry to produce a detailed map of the risks incurred and the liabilities of the intellectual professions in the building trade, the builders of private homes, the companies that build infrastructure, property developers, etc.


Build a tailored insurance solution for you

Our experts draw up a tailored insurance plan to insure construction sites and the companies that work on them. Your risks can vary with your business, the type of market on which you operate and the purpose of the structure on which you work. We work with you to analyse your legal and contractual obligations and the risk exposures you face, to build a tailored insurance programme.


Provide everyday support and guidance

You operate within a dense regulatory and contractual framework, and understanding that framework is a major stake in your company’s survival. Our team of specialists gives you everyday support and guidance with appraising this environment and its successive changes. We bring our expertise to bear on emerging issues (such as energy efficiency, recycling, etc.), reviewing your contractual commitments, and the latest changes in regulations and jurisprudence.


Support you when an incident occurs

We provide a team of specialists who are quick to respond and available to assist. From identification of the incident through to payment of the indemnity, we are by your side from beginning to end to secure an optimal resolution of your claim. This includes emergency measures, crisis management, appointment of an expert, the payment of instalments, defence of your interests, and advisory services.

A full range of solutions for stakeholders in the public works and construction industry

A construction project? Verlingue can help you

Any construction project exposes the project owner (whether public or private, professional or occasional) to various risks and may be accompanied by certain legal obligations with regard to insurance.

Before, during and after the construction (from the project brief through to the end of the 10-year guarantee), our experts provide guidance and support with all of your regulatory requirements and advise you on optimising the management of your work site risks.

What insurance for your construction project?

  • Contractor’s all-risk Insurance: this guarantees against any losses or damage to the works being built or, during renovation projects, any damage to the existing structures caused by the new constructions.
  • Project owner’s civil liability: this guarantees against any physical injuries or tangible or intangible damage to third parties as a result of the construction work.

  • Property Damage: this is mandatory insurance. For a ten-year period following acceptance of the work, this insurance will cover the prefinancing of work to repair any damage to the structure covered by the ten-year guarantee, before any endeavour to establish liability.
  • Property developer’s ten-year guarantee: the companies’ ten-year guarantee is extended to the project owner when the latter is classified as a property developer but not builder (Art. 1792-1 of the French Civil Code)

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Director of the Construction Branch

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