Industrial players: learn about Verlingue’s expertise in risk management

At Verlingue, we are specialists in solving insurance problems for industries, ready to give you advice on how to manage all of your risks, from mapping them out to implementing an optimal insurance plan, including through the design of a customised prevention plan.

As an Industry actor, you have to deal with a wide range of challenges: maintaining growth, flow management, data security and control, deferred revenue, and international trade, along with challenges related to the climate, society, regulations and taxation… Each of these exposes you to a multitude of risks. Whether you are seeking to optimise your “Corporate risk” insurance program for budget reasons, obtain support for the initial construction of a factory abroad or keep every corner of your business secure around the world, Verlingue can provide you with a ream of experts ready to defend your interests, at each step of your development.

Verlingue accompanies you

Understand the challenges in order to control the risk

What risks are you most vulnerable to? How can you be sure that your coverage is at least as good as that of the competition? When should you change your level of coverage? At Verlingue, we take a dynamic, objective-oriented approach to managing your risks. We begin with a precise assessment of your general risks and a detailed calculation of your losses: an important step in the implementation of the bases needed to develop an effective prevention plan that responds to all of your issues (risks and challenges). We thus highlight your strengths with respect to risk carriers and insurers through targeted, effective actions designed for prevention.

Providing you with information and assistance when you make decisions

Legal, sector and technical watches… Our experts are always ready to rise to the challenge, and regularly conduct analyses to ensure that your contracts are developing at the right time. Our detailed knowledge of your challenges and context enables us to advise you on the best practices in your sector (food processing, large retail, real estate, socio-medical institutions, the wood sector, etc).
Your consultant is your partner, committed to negotiating the best insurance contracts on your behalf, for property damage and lost business (link to page) or corporate risks (fire, water, breakdowns, theft, explosion, liability, cyber, pollution, dispersion of hazardous substances, etc.) and provides you with standout support services (such as prevention, compensation, international development, etc).

Customized solutions to make daily life easier for your teams

Managing your different contracts can be a complicated and time-consuming task, especially as your business expands. We are ready to manage your daily contracts (for social protection and absenteeism, vehicle fleets, property damage and liability, export insurance certificates, etc), which is possible with most insurers. We also provide you with reliable and effective digital tools that will make it easier for you to control your contracts. And if a problem arises, you are never alone: we will stand with you until the matter has been closed (meaning compensation) and the quality of the support we provide sets us apart.

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