Executive and financial risk

Bespoke contracts for Corporate Officers’ Liability and Fraud insurance and Employment Practices Liability claims

Companies and their corporate officers are bound by an increasingly tight regulatory framework: employment law, environmental regulations, anti-bribery and corruption, data privacy, health and safety, etc. On this basis, you may be faced with new and ever more sophisticated forms of malicious intent, particularly if you operate internationally. Our experts support you and your company with the establishment, management and optimisation of your corporate officers’ liability, fraud and EPL insurance contracts.

In the life of a company, numerous events can result in legal action being taken against executives (manager, chairman, director, etc.). It may be a claim filed by a minority shareholder during a share capital increase, investigations by an administrative authority in France (CNIL, AFA, AMF, etc.) or abroad, management faults or actions to make good a deficiency in the company’s assets, etc. It should be noted that, in France, corporate officers’ defence costs and any damages that may be ordered to pay are not covered by their company. Because yours is a high-risk business, Verlingue supports you to cover these risks in an optimal manner.
We also support your company in the drafting and optimisation of your EPL contract, to provide you with cover against the risk of your company being found liable (such as cases of unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination)

2 out of 3
companies in France experienced at least one case of attempted fraud in 2021
1 company in 4
experienced proven fraud
Source: Euler Hermes/DFCG study

Verlingue stands with you

Choose and negotiate bespoke guarantees

Based on the risk profile of your company (size, business sector, shareholder structure, international presence, etc.), Verlingue, with its detailed knowledge of your markets and your needs, offers you bespoke solutions to cover your risks.

  • Corporate officers’ liability: cover of the corporate officer’s defence costs, including those incurred in the context of an investigation, and, if applicable, any damages imposed. For listed companies, we provide for adapted/specific guarantee extensions.
  • Fraud: reimbursement of the financial losses incurred by the insured company and resulting from fraud perpetrated by an agent or a third party (theft without violence, fraud, forgery and use of forged documents), including IT fraud. Verlingue is at your side to negotiate a transfer of unknown prior acts for fraud insurance contracts. If not, please note that the guarantee applies solely to fraud perpetrated and discovered during the insurance period, but not to any perpetrated earlier or discovered during the insurance period.
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL): cover for the defence costs incurred by the employer company and any damages imposed for a violation of employment law (unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination). We verify on your behalf the processing of claims relating to unfair collective dismissal in an employment insurance contract.
Specific cover for complex operations

As an expert in financial risks, Verlingue has set up a “Financial Lines” department to support you with highly complex operations: IPOs, whatever the market (French, European, American or Asian), setting up listed companies in view of a forthcoming corporate acquisition (special purpose acquisition companies or SPAC), mergers, etc. Our advisers will negotiate tailor-made additional cover for you, integrated into your policies. Real added value if you need to carry out complex operations.

Personalised support in the event of a claim

Verlingue’s compensation teams, specialised in insuring financial risks, are regularly called upon to manage major claims in France and abroad. Their expertise guarentees you expert support and advice so that cover can be implemented quickly. The expertise you need for these often sensitive and sometimes complex claims.
Given the specific nature of these risks, we handle all claims with the strictest possible confidentiality.


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Director of Financial Lines and Special Risks

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