Manage your transport risks

Whether you are an industrial company that needs to insure its flow of goods, a trading company, a carrier or logistics service provider, Verlingue and its team of sector-specific experts can help you manage all your transport-related risks. We help you protect your goods and your business, in France and abroad.

Transport insurance is a highly specific market, with specialised brokers for each type of activity and form of transport, as well as regulations that differ from one country to another and (often) complex compensation rules. For all these different reasons, shippers and carriers need to surround themselves with independent experts who have a n in-depth understanding of the sector’s specific codes and practices. After several years of stability, insurance premiums are rising again, and are therefore having an impact on companies’ bottom lines. With this in mind, Verlingue negotiates comprehensive insurance schemes for you, in order to protect your goods at every stage of the transport process, both in France and abroad.

Verlingue accompanies you


Insure the goods you transport by road

Theft of goods in a car park, a break in the cold chain, a fall during unloading… Whatever kind of products you ship, they can be subject to several types of risks during transport, whether by your own teams or by service providers. To optimise their coverage at the best possible price, our specialist transport-insurance teams analyse your flows, the types of packaging you use and your logistics operations in France and abroad; we then negotiate with insurers to obtain tailor-made insurance schemes adapted to the value of your goods. In the event of a claim, our compensation specialists, supported by specialised auditors and lawyers, do everything possible to accelerate the settlement and minimise the impact on your business.


Protect your land transport or logistics-services business

Full-load haulage, last-mile deliveries, temperature-controlled goods, warehousing, order picking, packaging, product assembly, etc. Whatever the exact nature of your business, Verlingue can provide you with expert advice and support to ensure you obtain optimum coverage for your liability in the event of material or immaterial damage: theft of goods, breakages, delivery delays that result in a factory shutdown or disrupts supplies to shops, etc. Whether you are a carrier or a 3PL or 4PL logistics provider, we assess all your business risks and consult the insurers that are in the best position to protect your business and the goods entrusted to you by your customers, in every country in which you operate. We also assist you with any claims, by implementing the appropriate procedures concerning the liability of third parties, for example.


Unrivalled expertise in maritime transport

In conjunction with Eyssautier-Verlingue, our subsidiary specialised in maritime risks in the commodity-transport sector, Verlingue works with French manufacturers – and their international subsidiaries – in every sector of activity, insuring the products they import or export by ship. We put in place tailor-made insurance schemes that cover all your cargo risks (theft, breakage, loss of containers, damage, sinking, piracy, etc.). We also work with you to help speed up your compensation procedures, in the event of a claim, and to manage complex cases, such as general averages (fire or immobilisation at sea), for which the costs incurred for safeguarding the vessel and the goods are shared by the shipowner and the shippers.


Working alongside the aerospace industry

We work with manufacturers that supply components and parts to the aerospace industry, as well as with airport service providers, to help them obtain the best conditions to cover their risks.


Meet our expert

Romain Lepetz

Head of Maritime, Aviation and Transport Department

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