Jacques Verlingue invited on Confidences de dirigeants

7 July 2022

Vianneytte de Quelen, founder of the recruitment and executive coaching firm Strateum Conseil, gave the floor to Jacques Verlingue, Chairman of the Adelaide Group (Verlingue, Génération, Cocoon) in the fourteenth episode of “Confidences de dirigeants”.

In this podcast, Jacques Verlingue shares his story and his career path, the keys to performance according to him as well as the values and his vision of the Adelaide Group.

Vianneytte de Quelen also explores the subject of building a company and the phases of transmission through the generations; a particularly topical theme in the context of the IMPACT 24 plan.

You can also read the interview with Jacques and Benjamin Verlingue given to the Argus de l’Assurance on intra-family transmission.