Verlingue launches first Real Estate Innovation Committee

24 October 2022

A few days ago, Verlingue brought together its main real estate clients who share the same entrepreneurial / family / strong desire for external and organic growth DNA and who each operate in different French regions.

Designed as a laboratory for analysing and deciphering the market and its trends, the ambition of this “club” is to imagine the real estate of tomorrow and to better anticipate, among other things, the insurance needs of our clients, future clients and the clients of our clients.

This day was punctuated by the intervention of Vincent Pujos, partner of Sensipode agency, to discuss innovation and transformation, followed by group work rich in exchanges, feedback and sharing of experiences.

“Our clients greatly appreciated the creation of a group dedicated to innovation, as this does not exist today in this environment. We will meet every 4 months to progress on the ideas that came out of this first day.
Their experience is more than ever at the centre of our priorities in a permanent search for innovation, operational efficiency and professionalism to imagine and co-construct the levers of tomorrow in real estate.” Alexandre Cohen, Director of Verlingue Immobilier.

Discover the highlights of this day in video.