Interview with Frédéric Chaplain in the Journal des Entreprises

20 September 2022

Cyber risk, climate risk, pandemic risk… Companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity are now facing unprecedented risks whose financial impact can be significant and which challenge the French insurance model.

Frédéric Chaplain, Risk Director of The Verlingue Enterprise, was interviewed about the new risks facing companies. The full article can be found in the special “Insurance” section of the Journal des Entreprises.

“Climate events are becoming stronger and more recurrent. The climate has impacts beyond our borders, causing problems on supplies with inability to be delivered, and therefore with impacts on the operating accounts of companies. The damage caused by hail showers is very significant and often has impacts of more than six months. Little is still said about the impact of drought on crops and buildings, which are already causing problems as well. These risks should, in the same way as floods, increase in power”

Frédéric Chaplain

Risk Director