Supplementary health insurance: turning an obligation into a real opportunity

Given the French social security system’s continuing withdrawal, the company is becoming a fully-fledged stakeholder in supplementary health insurance, and effectively covering its employees’ healthcare expenses.

As of 2016, companies are under obligation to set up a mandatory collective health plan for their employees. Accordingly, they now top up the social security refunds, in particular for key expenses such as dental, optics and alternative medicines, and contribute to a more complete coverage of employees’ medical expenses. Verlingue provides support and guidance, and works with you to define and draft the contract and associated services that are right for you.

As of
1 st January 2016
, private companies are under obligation to offer supplementary health insurance to all of their employees.
The employer is obliged to pay
of the contribution
Over the past few years, healthcare expenses have steadily increased by
per year

Verlingue’s solutions

A tailored contract for your company

Our primary role is to design, negotiate and manage a healthcare expense plan best suited to your requirements. Our consultants work alongside you to analyse the situation and enable you to make the most appropriate decisions. We draw up a bespoke contract with you, for a balanced coverage that factors in your budget constraints, your regulatory obligations (industry agreement, collective bargaining agreement, etc.) and the desired level of commitment for your social policy.

Your employees can track their file online for greater clarity and simplicity

When it comes to their health, your employees need their information to be clear and easy to find. With our management partner Génération (an Adélaïde Group company), your employees have easy access to their online account, where they can manage and track their healthcare expenses on the members’ app and extranet of our partner Génération. This includes the amount reimbursed, the time required, the type of cover included and detailed progress tracking.

Simple, streamlined, day-to-day management makes your HR teams’ job easier

For your operational HR teams, managing healthcare expense contracts can be a burden. Verlingue accordingly developed Easy@ccess, the only solution of its kind on the market. It was co-constructed with our customers and new features are added regularly. This digital platform provides detailed dashboards and access to key indicators of Healthcare Costs and Personal Protection. A very useful tool that makes it easier to manage your contracts.

Discover five good reasons for adopting Easy@ccess


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