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Data-driven customer guidance and support

To optimise your employee benefits and corporate risk insurance programmes, Verlingue uses the most up-to-date technologies and deploys an ambitious data-governance strategy.

Anticipating risks with data

“The data strategy implemented at Verlingue in recent years gives our customers all of the information and tools they need to anticipate and plan for their risks.”

Laurence Abiven

Actuarial and Data Director

Verlingue accompanies you


Getting data to talk

Verlingue was one of the first players on the insurance brokerage market to set up a dedicated data department, staffed by 23 experts with a variety of complementary fields of expertise, including statisticians, actuarial advisers, data scientists, data analysts and IT project managers. These teams work closely with the company’s technology functions and the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to manage the company’s data assets. These are then made available in various forms to serve the business lines and our customers, including reports, dashboards, indicators, benchmarks, data visualisation (data viz), etc. The aim is to move from providing high-quality data to delivering analysis, guidance and advice to companies.


Decision aids for our customers

These valuable data tools are a key component of our effort to guide and support our customers as they control and manage their risks. Examples might include the impact that modifying a supplementary health insurance contract might have on the services included and the premiums; analysing the causes of claims relating to an automobile fleet with a view to taking the appropriate preventive measures; diagnosing absenteeism; calculating the “right” deductible, based on the history of claims and values; assessing the appropriateness of using self-insurance; the challenge of insurance companies’ ranking; calculating and obtaining approval of the “right” price; benchmarking bonuses and warranties against those of companies in the same sector… All of this information and these tailored tools and dashboards enable us to make objective choices and help our customers make the right decisions.


Meet our expert

Laurence Abiven

Actuarial and Data Director

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